The Danish Meteorological Institute is hosting a workshop
on crowdsourced data in NWP and the atmospheric sciences as a whole.
4 -5 December 2018*
Copenhagen, Denmark

27 - 28 November 2018

*It has been necessary to move the workshop as many participants had a conflict with another event.

Within recent years the amount of crowdsourced data within the atmospheric sciences has vastly expanded. Pressure from smartpho nes, data from private weather stations and information of slippery roads from cars are no longer difficult to retrieve. The quality of such data can be relatively poor compared to conventional observations, however, the quantity is usually much larger. From april to august 2018 DMI collected more than 25 million smartphone pressure observations from Denmark alone.

DMI is hosting this workshop with two aims, 1) Gather experts on crowdsourced data focused on NWP, to start a network of people working on the subject and 2) producing a white paper directing the research community towards best practices and guidelines on the subject.

Contact person: kd.imd@hak , Kasper Hintz

Contact K. Hintz to sign up

Keynote speaker: Conor McNicholas
Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
C. McNicholas is an expert in collecting and processing Smartphone Pressure Observations.

Program day 1, 4 December

Program day 2, 5 December

After the workshop a white paper with the workshops findings will be produced. The aim of such a white paper is to guide the scientific community in best practices related to crowdsourced data in the atmosperic sciences